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How to Know You've Found "The One"

You finally found “the one” you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, and just when you thought the search was over, you realize another hunt is just beginning – finding the other “the one”. That perfect dress you will walk down the aisle in before saying those two magical words you’ve been dreaming of saying your whole life. While the thought of finding “the one” can seem overwhelming, fear not because we have some excellent advice for you!

Tip #1: The most important thing to remember when you start your wedding journey is that everyone’s path is different. The feeling that you get when you find “the one” will vary for each individual bride. So don’t listen to your sister who knew the moment she saw her wedding dress that it was “the one”, or your eccentric Aunt Elizabeth who knew her dress was “the one” when she felt a shiver up and down her spine after merely touching her wedding dress.

Tip #2: When you start the hunt for your wedding dress, shop in a way you are comfortable with. Each bride-to-be has a different process, some will know exactly the gown that want, some will need to try a variety of shapes and styles. Our bridal consultants are there to help you in any way they can; so use their knowledge and be open to trying on gowns they suggest – wedding dresses really do look very different once you put them on! Be honest about what you don’t like. The dresses don’t have feelings and won’t be hurt, and it will help us to find your dream dress.

Tip #3: Bring guests with you whose opinions you trust and who know your personality and style. Try not to get bogged down with an expectation of how you want your guests to react. Just like you, they will each have their own way of showing you which their favourite is.

So how do you know it’s the one? Well, we could tell you that you should cry and jump around five times with joy, but that is unrealistic. The most important thing is that we get it right. You may need to visit us a couple of times or it may be the first dress you try on. You might uncontrollably cry, you might beam from ear to ear. You might feel totally comfortable about your body and how the dress accentuates the bits you love and hides the bits you don’t. You might know how much your partner will love the style on you. You might dream about it for a week. You might just know!

“The one” might not be the one you came in for, but it will be the one you feel most amazing in on your special day.


Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping


You said “Yes” to your sweetheart, and now it’s time for the wedding planning fun to begin! What better way to start than by wedding dress shopping? Maybe we’re biased. Before you hit the stores, keep these tips in mind to help you find your dream wedding dress…

1. The Proper Undergarments: Aside from construction, the secret to a perfect fitting wedding dress is proper fitting undergarments. To experience the best fit possible, proper fitting undergarments are absolutely key. When shopping for your wedding dress, make sure to bring a strapless bra, and any shape wear you may wear on your wedding day. Regardless of shape or size, shape wear will support, smooth, and keep everything in the right place!

2. A Great Pair of Shoes: When trying on wedding dresses, don’t forget about the shoes! Whether you are planning on wearing heels or flats, make sure you take shoes similar in height to your wedding day shoes. Doing so will help you determine what length  you need to order, but also, they will help you envision your overall wedding day look!

3. A Small Group: Too often, brides think an entire entourage to try on wedding dresses. In reality, while 10 of your closest bridesmaids, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, mother of the bride may offer lots of love and support, they will also offer just as many opinions. We recommend a smaller group of close friends and family… You’ll feel less pressure to please everyone and choose the gown that speaks to you!

4. An Open Mind: You may be set on a romantic ballgown, until you try on that fabulous form-fitting mermaid gown that highlights you curves. Don’t be afraid to try styles that seem out of your comfort zone… You may fall completely in love, or you may be reassured that your initial mindset was the right one for you.

8 Things to Do Once You Get Engaged

Did you just say “I Do” to forever? First of all, congratulations! Second, take a deep breath because the new few months are about to feel like a whirlwind. Here are a few of our top tips to make your newly-engaged self a little less stressed and the wedding-planning process enjoyable.

Take a Moment to Soak It All In
Getting engaged is a big deal, so it’s important to take it all in before you dive into the planning process. This could be a romantic date with your significant other or a celebration with your family. And don’t forget the ring selfie!

Decide on a Wedding Location
Whether this is your hometown or the city you relocated to after college, nailing down a wedding location kicks off the planning process and gets everyone on the same page.

Determine Your Budget
Setting a budget before you start selecting vendors is incredibly important. Once you have a budget finalized, decide which wedding items are worth the splurge, and which you can cut costs on. It’s also important to determine who is paying for what. Whether this is you and your fiance, parents, or grandparents, figuring this all out in the beginning will save you some stress.

Set a Date
Undeniably one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process, setting a date sets the foundation for everything else to come!

Hire a Coordinator
Some opt to skip this step, but a coordinator is a great investment for many brides. Whether you’re looking for someone to help you plan from the engagement to the final dance of the night, or you simply want someone there the day of to ensure everything runs smoothly, a coordinator is the way to go.

Book a Venue
Booking a venue is an important step to take after getting engaged. Not only does the venue you select set the tone and theme for the rest of the decor, flowers, etc, many times there are limited venues in your wedding location so it is important to book that quickly.

Select Your Bridal Party
Once you’re engaged, you’ll undoubtedly be bombarded with questions regarding who will be in your bridal party. The sooner you select your wedding party, the more time you have to celebrate with them!

Whether you’re attending an engagement party hosted by your parents or you’re enjoying a night out with your besties, it’s important to take the time to celebrate this milestone in your life!