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Spring Weddings

As winter quickly becomes a distant memory…our minds turn to our Spring Time Brides! What a fabulous time to get married, as the grass begins to become lush and green and those spring colors start to fill in!spring1


Could you imagine your reception decked on to look like this? Love the subtle pastels! All that color…and ROMANCE!

Beautiful flowers for your bouquets! This is the time of year I love…so many delicate flowers again in the pastel colors…great fro a monochromatic wedding as well!


Perfect for your tables…FRESH FLOWER centerpieces! Fresh, in season, local flowers that wont break the budget!


Just look at this cake! I am definitely impressed! So romantic!!!


OH SO LOVELY! What a beautiful, lush table! Let your imagination run wild.


or..how about simple daisies….Love!


With so many color to choose from…pastels to jewel tones…your choices are endless…HAPPY PLANNING!!


Non-Traditional Bouquets!

Not every bride wants the “Traditional Bouquet”…check out some of these unique ideas!

Awesome idea! Using fabric matching your maids gowns to make a fabric flower bouquet!…you could make smaller versions for your maids as well…GREAT if you are going for that monochromatic look!


How about one single handmade flower…could use fabric, felt or paper!


Simply stunning for our Winter Brides!


For our beach-bound brides! What could be more perfect than this! What a great way to tie in the natural elements around you..and a great keepsake as well!


So glamorous…I could see a bride carrying this down the aisle and almost any venue…but especially in a vintage themed ceremony…or Great Gatsby!


How about burlap flowers! Just right for your rustic wedding!


The only limit is your own imagination…go for it!


Green Weddings

Looking to plan your Eco-Friendly Wedding Day? Look no further…implement all ideas or just a few! It is up to you!!


Start with your invitations…and save the dates!


Use paper that has already been recycled and have them printed using vegetable dye! Or better yet….SEEDED PAPER Invitations!!!! What better way for your guests to reuse their invites! And they will remember you when their “invitation” blooms!


The venue can be a bit trickier if you are set on a specific season or time of day…The most eco-friendly weddings happen in one location and with limited carbon footprint…Outdoors with NATURAL LIGHTING! If you are thinking indoors, try for late morning and earlier afternoon…turn of the lights…just find a venue that has a lot of windows! Now for the gown…


Love your moms, sisters, aunts, best friends? GO FOR IT! Want your own? FIND YOUR GOWN at a bridal OUTLET! The gowns are new…essentially samples that have never left the store, or been altered! A perfect way to give LIFE to a Discontinued gown! And find a gown that is all your own!


Bouquets are easy…local, fresh flowers, silk or ribbon bouquets, up-cycled paper flowers…Love THIS BURLAP BOUQUET!!!


YUM! This “NUDE CAKE” decorated with fresh berries in season…so beautiful…


So many great ides for the bride looking to find a more ecology friendly wedding day! You can “go green” even on your wedding day without settling!!!


Incorporate PAPER into your wedding!

Jump on this TREND!!! Incorporate PAPER into your wedding!

It is not JUST for your Wedding Invitations anymore…..A GREAT economical way to decorate!!

You can use paper for anything from your bouquet, bridal shower, centerpieces, or an accent wall….The best part is you can start your crafting at any point in your planning!!!


Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the simple elegance of the ivory paper flower on the grey place card…SO ELEGANT!


Just LOOK at this STUNNING BOUQUET…and it didn’t break the bank!


Love words? Travel? What an awesome way to incorporate your own personality in your bridal bouquet!


What a gorgeous way to accent your outdoor wedding venue! Your photographer will LOVE using this as a backdrop!


Want to decorate those reception chairs, this beautiful paper flower adds a touch of romance.


Let’s get the groom in on this too! Such a stunning boutonniere!


How Stunning…A WALL of flowers—great for pictures with you and your guests! A definite conversation piece!!!


Another beautiful back drop! There are so many ways to incorporate paper into your wedding!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Winter Wonderland!

Season’s are changing so quickly here in New England, and winter is fast approaching! Are you a bride that LOVES everything WINTER? Newly engaged and looking for a date or even a theme for your wedding? Check out these ideas for a BEAUTIFUL winter themed wedding….


Could you IMAGINE walking down an aisle as STUNNING as this? Wow!!!! This might take some time and imagination, but it would be well worth it!


Sticking to a winter themed wedding…silver, whites, and ivories and simply fantastic! Look how beautiful your bouquet can be, so simple, but so elegant!



Just look at ALL the CAKE options! They are GORGEOUS!!!… and who wouldn’t want your own Hot Chocolate bar? PERFECTION for a cold winter night!



How dreamy are those tables? So cozy and chic! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL of these ideas!

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