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Hips Don’t Lie: RIP Side Booty

Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt

Maggie Mueller


Guest Blogger

In my classes I rarely use correct anatomical terms when explaining the area on the body we are targeting. What fun would that be? All of my students know that, according to me, we have 3 butts. The booty that is supposed to be there (butt 1), the one just under the one that is supposed to be there (butt 2) and the ones on the sides of that one (butt 3). Today we will be focusing on Butt(s) #3, commonly referred to as “saddlebags”. You’ve heard it said that you build and shape a booty with squats. While squats are perfectly fine, you don’t need to spend your life waiting for the squat rack to target Butt 3. The following workout will induce an outer thigh burn like you’ve never felt without ever leaving the floor! And because your hips will be involuntarily trembling by the end of the (5 minute!) routine, turn on some Shakira and embrace the shake!

Consult your doctor before starting any nutrition or exercise program.

Perform the entire routine without rest on your right side then repeat on your left.

Side Lying Lifts
Begin by lying on your left side and supporting your head with your hand or prop up on your elbow. Pull your knees upward to hip level – creating a 90 degree angle at your hips and a 90 degree angle at your knees. Your shins should be in line with the front edge of your mat and your back in line with the back edge of your mat. Keeping your core engaged and hip bones stacked (don’t let your top hip drift backward), lift your top leg to hip height and lower back down without touching your bottom leg. Continue this movement for 1 minute.

Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt

Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt

Pro-tip: On the leg that you’re lifting, make sure your knee does not go higher than your foot and vice versa – they should remain on the same plane.

Without stopping, hold your leg at the top of your movement and pulse upward taking care to not let your top hip drift backward. Engage your core and squeeze your top glute! Continue pulsing for 30 seconds.

Hips Don't LIe: RIP Side Butt

Pro-tip: Place your top forearm on the floor away from your body to maintain good form in your hips!

Without dropping your leg, push your foot behind you like you’re trying to poke something. Your knee should now be positioned in line with your torso and then behind your body line as you push back. DO NOT lower the level of your leg, it should be at least hip height. Push backward for 1 minute.

Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt

Pro-tip: Do not wiggle in your upper body. Your torso should remain still throughout.

RIP Butt #3, you won’t be missed.

Happy Sweating,


Desert Island Beauty Products

Desert Island Beauty Products

Could there be a more difficult blog to write in the universe than your Top 10 desert island beauty essentials!? To whittle down the hundreds of brilliant products I’ve found over multiple decades .. Eeeek! Really, you should see what I travel with on holidays. The “lively” debates I’ve had with my “no checked bags super traveler” other half! My reasoning?? If a world disaster happened and you were not vacationing in the same location as The Rock..who’s going to save you? Mmm? Right! ME! I would at least have you looking awesome for the first meet with the press when you touchdown in civilization. Think Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon not Tom Hanks in Castaway!

Whether you are a bride heading away on your island honeymoon or just a girl who wants to be prepared in case “The Rock” shows up with a lifeboat; these are my desert island holy grail saviours The beauty booty that will have you shining from the shore to your first Megyn Kelly interview once you hit dry land! Remember we can all make an eyebrow spoolie from a wattle tree for those well-groomed brows but these next products are hands down non negotiables and are a bit trickier to “Mc Gyver” our way out of.

1. Sunscreen– there’s no debate here. Not a single woman will debate that burnt to a crisp is sexy and no one wants an oily face-ever.. So Skinceuticals Physical Matte UV Defense SPF50 is a no brainer. It’s lightweight and pore-blurring and matte with a 50+ sun protection factor. Need I say more?

2. Exfoliator– Dr Lancer RX The Polish Somewhere on this amazing yet desolate Island there will be a fresh water crystal clear stream at the ready and with this A-lister favourite in your arsenal your skin will glow and look ridiculously smooth and virtually poreless.

3. Magnetic Eyelashes– YUP! Sans the glue or latex to adhere them onto your eyes! Mascara will get downright messy on a daily basis so having these One, two lash (es) on hand you will have fabulously flirty lashes with a quick click of the magnets!

4. BalmHonest Company Beauty Balm is a natural product that gives your skin a boost and a little glow. It will be the perfect product to keep your lips kissable, your eyes lit, your cheekbones strobed and your cuticles fresh and moisturised.

5. Lip/cheek Stain– Glossier is a fun, chic and cool brand that makes makeup not like makeup! I mean their products make you a better version of you..kinda like you were born with it? A hint of colour with a cool kick. You can apply them on your lips and cheeks and they come in 4 delicious colours!

6. Hair oil Huile de Leonor Greyl is a cult product that has been a closely guarded A- lister hairstylist secret until recently. These high grade essential oils help retain moisture, restore nutrients and illuminate the hair from the inside out! This is the ONLY choice for those whose locks are losing their lustre due to environmental exposure as it has sun protection and adds a protective layer to make your hair fuller and healthier.

7. Concealer– this is a tough one. I can’t decide on full coverage or luminous cover? So I’ll give you both so you can decide. Both are cult favourite for a reason. In fact I wear both at the same time. Both deserve a righteous spot in makeup bag. Nars Radiant creamy concealer is an opaque but creamy cover that’s buildable and corrects and perfects your skin. YSL’s Touche Eclat is my favourite luminous concealing pen. Light, luxurious and lifting to your dark circles, I use them together..so I’m going to cheat here!

8. Multivitamins– You ain’t nothing without good health-so this is an essential life giving, beauty saving, antioxidant potent pill that will give you all the nutrients you need to have epic skin, a luxurious mane and energy to build that hut! Garden of Life Vitamin Code is a raw nutrient vitamin that your body will absorb and utilise as it does real food!

9. MoisturiserDr Lancer Rx NOURISH-I still haven’t found anything that comes close to this product when it comes to a deep moisturising cream. It’s heavier than most but you really see the difference and it doesn’t sit on top of your skin and which means it penetrates perfectly to give you plump, moisturised skin that is smooth and soft.

10. Eyeliner– L’oreal Paris infalliable Silkissime Pencil is a stay fast, ultra-smooth eyeliner pencil that can be worn as liner or in a smudgy kohl sexy kind of way. It comes in a variety of colors if black’s not your vibe and won’t budge even on the hottest of tropical nights.


Finding Your Signature Scent For Your Wedding Day

How To Select Your Signature Scent For Your Wedding Day

Scent is a silent language. A language that says more about you than you think. People remember beautiful fragrances, in fact, once I ran into a long lost friend and as I hugged him he exclaimed “OMG! You still even smell the same! Custard tart!” I didn’t quite expect that reaction to my scent. During the day I love to smell like baked goods..it’s my thing..people tend to remember my fragrance. I’ll be honest, I’ve said it before, fragrance is one of my favorite beauty essentials. I often wear oils as they are natural and last all day. Fragrance evokes moods and memories, so on your wedding day, choosing your signature scent will help you reignite wonderful moments and feelings that will remain unforgettable to you and those around you.

You have the wedding gown of your dreams. Perfected your bridal up do and makeup Oh.. And you have the man 😉every little detail right down to your nails have been completed, so now to your scent. Do you even have a signature scent? If not, how do you even find it? We all gravitate towards certain smells or fragrances that we find appealing and that arouse certain emotions. Some scents are polarising so where do you start? It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Remember whether you want to smell like you do and wear your favourite fragrance that you wear everyday or try something different and unique, your choice of scent will remain a special memory of the most wonderful day of your life.

The three categories are:
Warm: evocative, warm scents like amber, vanilla, wood, musk and spicy dark notes that are sexy and moody.
Floral: pure and feminine scents such as rose, iris, violets and lily of the valley. Flowers can produce an elegance and restrained softness.
Fresh: bright and gender less these notes are crisp, citrus, grassy, green and lighter.

Eau de toilette: is a lightly scented cologne so it is weaker in scent than a parfum.
Eau de parfum: the concentration of fragrance/ essences are much stronger in a parfum.
Oils: can be naturally derived meaning plant based. Do check the facts before purchasing as some may be synthetic.
Bespoke: fragrances-are custom designed for you which is the ultimate fragrance experience. This is truly a signature scent. Your fragrance legacy. Perfect for a memorable occasion.

Choosing a scent on your big day could also be decided on your location. A destination wedding such as a beach location calls for something a little exotic and unique. I chose an unusual portrait of candied rose with a spicy saffron scent for my beach wedding. An oriental spicy fragrance and added my own base note of vanilla oil ( which by the way extends the length of your fragrance). Oils are a great way to add your own special and unique touch to an old favourite. Play around and have fun. Google your own fragrance ingredients then add an oil to give it a new and exciting twist!

Maybe check these memorable fragrance companies out…

Agonist– Vanilla Marble-my favourite-creamy vanilla
NEST-Citrine- fresh and citrusy
Commodity-wool unisex and very sexy
L’artisan Parfumeur-so many here I cannot chose one
MOR– delicious and fun scents
Frederic Malle-brings some of the worlds best perfumer’s together to create what they call “Editions de Parfums”
Jo Malone– unique and modern scents and downright irresistible

Or check out Bespoke Perfumer’s in your city and see how much they cost. You might be surprised as not all bespoke fragrance is costly. I have seen some extremely reasonable prices- so get to googling!!


Spring Weddings

As winter quickly becomes a distant memory…our minds turn to our Spring Time Brides! What a fabulous time to get married, as the grass begins to become lush and green and those spring colors start to fill in!spring1


Could you imagine your reception decked on to look like this? Love the subtle pastels! All that color…and ROMANCE!

Beautiful flowers for your bouquets! This is the time of year I love…so many delicate flowers again in the pastel colors…great fro a monochromatic wedding as well!


Perfect for your tables…FRESH FLOWER centerpieces! Fresh, in season, local flowers that wont break the budget!


Just look at this cake! I am definitely impressed! So romantic!!!


OH SO LOVELY! What a beautiful, lush table! Let your imagination run wild.


or..how about simple daisies….Love!


With so many color to choose from…pastels to jewel tones…your choices are endless…HAPPY PLANNING!!


Non-Traditional Bouquets!

Not every bride wants the “Traditional Bouquet”…check out some of these unique ideas!

Awesome idea! Using fabric matching your maids gowns to make a fabric flower bouquet!…you could make smaller versions for your maids as well…GREAT if you are going for that monochromatic look!


How about one single handmade flower…could use fabric, felt or paper!


Simply stunning for our Winter Brides!


For our beach-bound brides! What could be more perfect than this! What a great way to tie in the natural elements around you..and a great keepsake as well!


So glamorous…I could see a bride carrying this down the aisle and almost any venue…but especially in a vintage themed ceremony…or Great Gatsby!


How about burlap flowers! Just right for your rustic wedding!


The only limit is your own imagination…go for it!

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